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Thomas is an Anatomy Trains certified Structural Integrator and NSCA certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  After years of chronic pain and recurring injuries, Thomas sought the help of a knowledgeable massage therapist and personal trainer who helped him move better, gain strength, and take control of his overall health. This experience sparked a passion to help others find a pain-free, active life, and inspired a fascination with all things bodywork and movement-related. His goal as a therapist and trainer is to provide long-term solutions to pain and injury conditions through personalized and effective strategies. He believes that everyone has the ability to move freely, feel better and pursue any goal with confidence and without fear of injury.


The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and change amid order.
— Alfred North Whitehead

Movement Philosophy

  • Move every day
  • Set clear goals
  • Be strong at end range
  • Train in all 3 planes
  • Train all basic human movements
  • Minimum effective dose
  • Slow consistent progress
  • Prioritize sleep and nutrition

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Bodywork Philosophy

  • Do less slower
  • Work in layers
  • Often begins with breath
  • Differentiation is key
  • Does the energy match the goal?
  • Two intelligent systems 
  • Sensory re-awakening
  • Integrate with movement

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