6 Movements To Meet All Your Fitness Goals


I want strength, mobility, joint stability, muscular endurance, crazy cardio, and of course to look good naked.  And I want it all for the rest of my life. As I’ve gotten older and worked through numerous self inflicted gym injuries, I’ve slowly put down the notion of a triple bodyweight deadlift in favor of high quality movement that checks all the boxes.  


In the sensational world of fitness where every product or program claims to deliver all your heart’s desire, few things actually bring it home the way this little cannonball with a handle attached to it can.  Get damn strong, lay those love handles to waste, increase your cardiovascular endurance and build injury resistant joints?! It’s almost too good to be true.

This particular complex uses all unilateral (single arm or single leg) movements and is scalable to meet the goals of the individual.  Want mobility and joint health? Decrease the load and increase the reps. Want strength and muscle growth? Increase the load and decrease the reps. Only have 15 minutes? Knock out 2 - 3 rounds and call it a day. You get the idea. You don’t need an endless variety of movements you simply need to know how to manipulate the variables to meet your specific goals. 

So let us get down to business and do some work.  Here’s the full workout with links to individual movement demos and one iteration of the full complex...

A1) Single arm swing x 10 each side
A2) Single arm rack reverse lunge  x 10 each side
A3) Single arm strict press x 10 each side
A4) Single leg RDL x 10 each side
A5) Renegade row x 10 each side
A6) Suitcase carry x 60 seconds each side

Then rest!  Repeat either with the same weight for the same reps or increase the weight and reduce the reps.  Complete anywhere from 1-5 rounds depending on time constraints and goals for the day. No complicated warmups or anything required for this workout.  Simply start with a kettlebell that feels light and easy and get moving.

I will often perform this complex in the following pyramid…

Warmup round - 12kg x 10 reps
Workset 1 - 16kg x 8 reps
Workset 2 - 20kg x 6 reps
Workset 3 - 24kg x 4 reps
Done!  Or pyramid back down if additional time and energy permits.